The goal of Saskatchewan’s Hay Harvest Challenge is to raise awareness of feed testing.

Nutrient content in forages can be highly variable according to Sarah Sommerfeld, a Regional Forage Specialist with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture.

She says in a year like 2015 they know that forages that would not normally be relied on will likely be used this year.

"Detecting allows you to match the nutrients supplied by the forage with those livestock nutrient requirements and you can only do that when you know the nutrient content of the forage so essentially submitting your forage samples provides you as a producer with the forage quality information that can help you manage the winter feeding period."

Participants in the program get a field book with information on forage production and harvest management questions.

"I really encourage producers to take part in the hay harvest challenge even though feed this year, feed supply is challenging we just really want to stress the emphasis of doing feed testing and using that information to help manage the winter feeding period on your farm."

As with any challenge there are prizes. 

Producers can get more information on the program and pick up their Field Record Book by contacting their Regional Agriculture office.

The contest  deadline is January 15, 2016