Humboldt Collegiate Institute is preparing for its School Community Council (SCC) AGM taking place Monday, May 2. 

The meeting will start at 6:30 pm in Room D115.

Vice-principal David Millette stated, “We definitely encourage all guardians, parents and community members to attend and to join our School Community Council. Our community works quite well with the school in helping us make decisions, to make the school a better place. It’s a great community organization intended to help out our students.”

The committee is looking for five to nine more parents to take on a role on the council. 

Parents and community members can attend the meeting as non-voting members to voice input into decisions made, explained Millette. 

Those interested in joining the SCC can contact the school by calling 306-682-1010. Nomination forms can be found at HCI and should be filled out for May 2 by 3:30 pm to join the SCC.