The month of October has been declared as Disability Employment Awareness month across Saskatchewan.

That being said it's a month to celebrate Humboldt and District Community Services and all they do for people with barriers in our region.

About 50 clients are assisted by HDCS when it comes to finding and maintaining employment in the region and earlier this month three of their staff members and one client, Trudy Linka spoke in front of council essentially beaming about the organization and the positive effects it's having on so many lives as well as local employers.

Executive Director Janine Korte expanded on the message they wanted to help spread.

"Just to talk a little bit about the history and about the successes that we're having with the business community here in Humboldt with our programs and services. It was also a good opportunity to have one of our clients to speak at City Council. That was very important for us to really show what it's about and how it works and that it does really work."

Niamh Menz is an Employment Facilitator at HDCS, she explains how they help their clients find their way into the workforce.

"We would maybe see what jobs would they be able to do and then maybe somebody has parts of their job they need help with, the person can maybe help them with this piece work, this piece work and then we make it into a job. That's a customized approach or we see a gap or a niche, then we kind of create employment through that too."

Megan MacInnes is also employed at HDCS, she is a Supported Employment Coordinator that helps with pre-employment tasks as well as working with the employers making sure everything is running smoothly.

"We do a number of different things with them like resumes, cover letters, look at what they're interested in because we want the best fit for them. Interview skills, mock interviews, but it's also keeping a good relationship with the employer and the employee and keeping that open connection and lots of maintenance afterward to make sure everything is running smoothly."

HDCS began to establish themselves back in 1994 and has since recreated their organization into what it is today, which is something worth celebrating during the month.

"When you have people walking through the door and you know they want to work, we will pull out all the stops to have that come to fruition for them," Menz beamed.

You can find out much more about HDCS on their website

You can also hear more from those three in their sit down interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.