Seeding may be put on hold for a bit as Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for Humboldt, Watrous, and surrounding areas. Another Colorado low, the same brand of system that plagued south eastern Saskatchewan this spring, is on the way. Chris Stammers, meteorologist for Environment Canada, says this system is likely to impact central Saskatchewan as well. 

“This has been a pretty persistent storm track,” says Stammers. “It’s about the fourth or fifth this season for this area. This one is going to track a bit further west and give a bit more precipitation to the Humboldt area.”

The rain is expected to start overnight on Thursday going into Friday delivering from 15 to 25 mm of rain. Rain is expected to continue through Friday with similar amounts, 15 to 25 mm, being delivered.  

The positive news is that the precipitation is not expected to come down hard and fast which can create localized flooding problems for areas of the city.

“It’s going to be a pretty steady rain for the Humboldt area,” Stammers explains. “There could be the odd embedded lightning strike, but it’s going to be mostly just a steady rainfall.”

There are concerns about flooding in the south east where accumulations of snow with a couple of early spring snowstorms dumped record amounts of the white stuff. 

Stammers says there’s not much hope of a drier pattern emerging following the weekend. While there don’t seem to be any major systems on the horizon, Stammers says that a period of unsettled weather seems to be the trend going forward with cooler temperatures than Humboldt and area have recently experienced. 

“It’s looking to stay in the low to mid teens as opposed to the upper teens or near 20 degrees where we should be for this time of the year.”

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