In memory of my parents Henry (1994) and Eleanore Scheper (2013)

As I stand by my parent's grave, I gaze at the tombstone and realize that my mother left us the legacy of their life.

The headstone is made of solid granite. Unwavering in the elements of time.  Solid.  Firm.  Much like my mother.  The stone represents so much history and fond memories.

On the left is my dad’s name.  Henry Carl Scheper.  Carl to differentiate him from his own dad, Henry Scheper.  Below his name is his birthdate:  June 27, 1926 in Dinklage, Germany (Cloppenberg).  His date of death:  July 18, 1994 Humboldt, Sask.  

To the right is my mother’s name:  Eleanor Stumborg. The Stumborg name she was so proud of.  Born March 13, 1928 Bruno, Sask.  DOD:  December 23, 2013 Spiritwood, Sask.

A nurse’s cap is above mom’s name.  A profession she was very proud of and had a passion for.  A profession she gave up in order to raise five daughters.  To me, the cap represents nurturing, kindness, caring and compassion. Attributes greatly admired by all.

Between the two names, is a stem of wheat waving in the breeze with a set of wedding bands laying overtop.  Entwined in the rings their wedding date, November 22, 1950, … the love of the land and the love they shared together.

Etched on the backside of the tombstone are the names of their five daughters: Janet, Judith, Marilyn, Rita, and Carol.

Besides the five names is a scene of a moose standing in a swamp. This brings back memories of Dad going hunting and mom pulling out her sewing machine to sew up the cloth casings in anticipation of a great hunt.  This is where each of the girls got their first sewing lesson as to how to sew a straight seam making the casings out of old worn-out clean bed sheets. Nothing was wasted.  Everything was recycled in our household!  When dad would come home with a moose, the recipe box was brought out and the fun of seasoning, assembling, smoking, and drying wild meat began. The rewards were awesome when one got to taste the finished product.

“We are in God’s hands now” mom had inscribed on the bottom of the tombstone summarizing a life well lived by two people who cared for one another deeply.

May you have a heavenly Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad.