In a riding that hasn't gone the NDP's way since 1997, Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan candidate Dustan Hlady is facing a tall task.

Conservative incumbest Tom Lukiwski has represented the area for the past four terms, but Hlady is aiming to put an end to that on October 19.

Running for the first time, the former Saskatchewan Legislative intern says meeting voters has been enjoyable.

"It's been my favourite part of this whole campaign, just getting to meet the people in the community of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan, that I would have never met otherwise," he said. "I've gotten to know what their struggles are, what their hopes for Canada are, and what they want to do to change it, and how they're reacting to our plans."

Hlady added that while the Conservative party is focused on the upper class, the New Democrats believe that a strong middle class should be a focal point.

"Our belief is that to have a strong economy, you have a strong middle class, and all our plans really revolve around that, having a strong middle class."

"Take our national daycare program for instance. Subsidized daycare, no one pays more than 15 dollars a day for daycare. That's a social program, but really it's an economic program."

He also mentioned that Stephen Harper's values truly come out with his focus on the upper class, and further to that, ethics with various staffers spending time locked away.

"Conservatives have been charged with election fraud in criminal courts every time Harper's been in an election. On top of that, people have gone to jail. His ethics spokesperson has gone to jail. Some lower level staffers have gone to prison," he continued. "Of course not everything is going to be perfect, but criminal activity? I just don't accept that that has to be the norm."

Hlady is up against Lukiwski, as well as Perry Juttla of the Liberal Party, the Green Party's Shawn Setyo, and Robert Thomas, who is running for the Rhinoceros Party.