With a background in farming, agriculture is at the top of the priority list for Conservative hopeful for the Prince Albert riding, Randy Hoback.

Hoback grew up in Canwood, Saskatchewan where he farmed. He also worked for Flexi-Coil and Case New Holland as the Marketing Manager.

Hoback, who was first elected in 2008 and then again in 2011 talked about the impact he hopes to have after four more years in office.

"The most rewarding part of the job is when you help somebody get their old age security cheque, or help a family adopt a kid. There is a family adopting kids out of Haiti just after the earthquake so we helped them get through the leads in order to get their kids home to Carrot River. Those are the types of things that I look back on and say, you know what? I made a direct impact in somebody's life and made somebody's life easier and better."

With his strong background in agriculture and the region's vast contribution to the sector, Hoback believes producers need their Members of Parliament to be their voice regarding a number of issues.

"We have a lot of agricultural producers who need market access for the products they grow and sell so we have to make sure that we get the market access from the Asian markets that is required for them to get the maximum prices. We also have to work with our railway system, it's not adequate, it's not doing the job it should do. Too many times our producers are holding their grains, two, three, four months longer than they should be because the trains aren't showing up."

Hoback admits he got into to politics accidentally after sitting next to former Prince Albert MP Brian Fitzpatrick on an airplane to Ottawa. The two hit it off and then a week after the trip to our nation's capital Hoback was contacted by the Conservative Party, now he is seeking his third win on October 19th.

Others entered in the race for the constituency of Prince Albert is Lon Borgerson of the NDP, Liberal Gordon Kirkby and Byron Tenkink who will run for the Green Party.