It’s time to grab those fishing rods and ice augers and head out to Lake Lenore this weekend for the 13th annual Lake Lenore Lions Ice Fishing Derby.

The derby starts at 10:00 am and will run until 2:00 pm on Saturday, January 21. Pre-registration can be done online and costs $75. In-person registration can be completed upon arrival but will cost $100. 

“The boundary of the fishing area will be plowed out for easy access. We will be providing all sorts of information, the rules will be printed, along with a map showing the fishing area, where the weigh station is, and water depths,” says Scott Lessmeister, one of the organizers.

The derby is a catch-and-release event. The release states, “Fishermen must keep the fish alive in a large bucket or preferably a cooler when brought to the weigh station. The fish must be released alive to be entered. If your fish cannot swim away on its own it is not eligible.”

Prizes for fish caught are tiered, with a 50% Cash payout for the 1st place winner, the 2nd receives 25%, 3rd place 15%, and 4th place will win 10%. Among that, there are various other prizes to be won. 

For rules, more information, or to sign up for the derby, click here.