On Friday, over one thousand staff members of the Horizon School Division gathered at the Humboldt Curling Rink, as the Board of Education held their second annual Celebration Day.

"We had teachers and support staff, central office staff, everyone came together at the curling rink," said Director of Education Kevin Garinger on the day. "We brought them there to celebrate. To celebrate who we are as a system, and to celebrate accomplishments that our staff has had, including years of service awards."

The day has been branded as not only a celebration of current staff, but former members of the Horizon School Division, be it students, or other contributors who have gone on to great success.

Among those in attendance for their accomplishments were Byron Bashforth, Al Duerr, and Cori Morris.

A native of Okla, Saskatchewan, Bashforth works for Pixar where he provides visual effects in animated movies. Among the films he has worked on include Up, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story 2.

Originally from Humboldt, Duerr is the former Mayor of Calgary, serving his term from 1989 to 2001. During his four terms, Duerr is regarded as one of the city's most popular mayors of all-time.

Lanigan's Cori Morris (Bartel) is an Olympic Medalist, earning silver in curling at the 2010 games in Vancouver with Team Cheryl Bernard.

Garinger says that having successful guest speakers from the division allows for teachers to truly see the upstart impact they can have in a student's life.

"The messages that they send speak directly into the hearts and minds of our teachers and support staff so that they're aware of the impact they can have on those folks. It's such a critical message that exists for Horizon staff and certainly sets us off on a good foot for the upcoming school year."

With school doors opening up to students on Tuesday, Garinger added his appreciation for the board in their efforts to rally teachers for a new year.

"Without their vision and mission to support our children the way that they do, we wouldn't have these events. They're such a proponent of celebrating our staff, and I have to send my kudos to them."

To hear more from Garinger in an interview with Bolt FM's Ron Quaroni, click below.