Students at Humboldt Public School are getting a wonderful surprise to start the school year.

Another phase of their playground is nearing it's finish as they continue to upgrade the aging structure.

HPS School Community Council President Patti Durand explains more details.

"The goal has been to do this playground in phases specifically designed for different age ranges so this install is a grade 3-4 structure which compliments the existing play structure which was intended for younger grades, one and two."

This upgrade will consist of 10 swings, a gazebo and picnic tables.

Durand says they are far from done.

"We have some seed money that will basically get us started for the next phase which is going to be targeted for a grade 4-5 play structure. That type of thing will have more challenging climbing, that type of thing geared for the older students."

That is expected to take place next Summer.

Durand said it was a $15,000 donation that allowed them to complete this portion of the $60,000 project.

"Fundraising was completed with a generous donation from the Community Initiatives Fund and that's something that is exactly a community initiative. That funding allowed us to complete this project and we still have funds left over to get us to the next stage."

Durand also took time to thank the volunteers and local businesses that have made this possible, despite being rained out twice prior this Summer.

You can hear more from Durand in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.