The Humboldt and District Food Bank has seen a very generous year, says Food Bank Chair Amy Shepherd. 

“We’ve had a really good year, it’s been fairly consistent. We have our regular clients that continue to use the food bank, but every week we do see a couple of new people,” says Shepherd. 

She says the new faces are because of the rising costs of living. 

“Our year has grown, but so has the generosity of our community and surrounding. We’ve really been amazed with the generosity and people's awareness of people in need.”

Shepherd says the generosity has been overwhelming, receiving calls about increasing monthly donations, and people donating what they can to the food bank. 

With the holidays, Shepherd saw lots of donations coming to the Food Bank but also reminds us that the need never stops and that donations can be made throughout the year. 

“We are always very thankful around the Christmas time when everyone remembers us, and people do Christmas parties in different ways to remember us, and we love that, and if someone remembers to do a food drive, say Easter, or Summer. Thanksgiving and Christmas are definitely our busiest seasons for accepting donations, and again, we love it, but we will also happily accept donations all year round.”

Shepherd wanted to thank everyone for donating in 2022 and hopes the generosity continues into 2023. 

“We’ve had so many community organizations, schools and stores, and small businesses. So many people have remembered us this year, and I wanted to say thank you so much for the generosity, because you made a really difficult year totally manageable, and we are doing well.”