The Humboldt and District Museum is showing off its newest exhibit, Exploring CQ. 

“It’s a series of photos by cultural intelligence facilitator Wilbur Sargunaraj,” says Director of Cultural Services Jennifer Fitzpatrick. 

“This exhibit is an eclectic group of photographs; taken by Wilbur over the last year as he journeyed across the globe. The friendships, the relationships he’s formed, talk about the cross-cultural interactions, and they are the inspiration behind the photos.”

Fitzpatrick says this exhibit can teach people about their cultural intelligence and how to build bridges with people throughout the community. 

The exhibit is free for everyone, and the Museum is open Tuesday - Saturday, 1 - 5:00 pm. 

Thursday, March 2, Sargunaraj will be at the Museum for an artist talk. He will speak about his experiences while creating the exhibit. 

“There will also be great food, so we are excited to have local people bringing in appetizers from India. We'll have Vietnamese, Caribbean, Ukrainian, so it's just a great way to engage in the community and have some fun.”