The Humboldt and District Museum has expressed its excitement about welcoming a travelling exhibition from Science North in Sudbury, ON. 

Our Climate Quest: Small Steps to Big Change will arrive at the Museum Tuesday, January 24, and remain until Thursday, February 2, 2023. 

“There is a lot of information, we are definitely fitting a lot into our relatively mid-sized museum,” says Rachel Wormsbecher, Museum Supervisor. “It talks a lot about different elements of climate change. It talks about why we know climate change is a thing, and how we identify it. It talks about some of the words we hear a lot about like, “Carbon Sink” and “Greenhouse Gasses” and what those are, what they mean, and why they are important.”

She says it's very informational for children and adults alike, while still remaining engaging for a younger audience. 

“It talks about what we can do as regular people to help combat climate change in our daily lives as a grown up and children. It can feel very daunting for young people when they think about climate change. It feels like a very large problem, feels very unsolvable, so they wanted to create a more hopeful face, a more problem-solving face, where young people can explore things that they can do in their lives that could actually make a meaningful impact on climate change.”

The exhibit is very interactive, says Wormsbecher. 

“There are computer terminals, there are worms, there’s a biodiversity Jenga, so there are lots of things for kids to do and touch. It’s very much not going in and observing information; you get very involved in the interactive way of learning, and there’s lots for little people to do.”

With the new exhibit, the Museum wants to give everyone the opportunity to visit and interact and will therefore keep their doors open longer on January 26, and 31 until 8:00 pm. 

Alongside the exhibit, the Museum will be posting ‘climate challenges’ to their social media. 

“It’s just some small things that we, as a staff, are going to do during the couple weeks of the exhibit here, just some small steps that we are all taking, and will challenge the rest of Humboldt.”