More than 13000 groups and organizations in the province have benefitted from the latest quarterly payment of charitable gaming grants that totalled $1.9 million, and Humboldt and the surrounding area are one of the communities that have benefited. 

"Groups and organizations who receive these grants do so because of their hard work strengthening their communities," Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Lori Carr said. "Our government is pleased to continue to support these important volunteer efforts."

According to the Government of Saskatchewan, the grants provided by SLGA during the most recent quarter included: 

Humboldt and surrounding area received $127,537
Estevan and surrounding area received $120,609
Prince Albert and surrounding area received  $112,004
Meadow Lake and surrounding area received $109,847
Yorkton and surrounding area received $95,075

The provincial government says that groups that conduct licensed charitable gaming activities such as bingo, raffles, breakopens, Texas Hold 'em poker and Monte Carlo events are eligible for the quarterly grant.

The grant is equal to 25 percent of the net revenues raised from the event to a maximum of $100,000 annually. 

The Government says charities do not have to apply to receive the grant. SLGA obtains the necessary information to calculate the grant from the paperwork submitted by the group or organization.