On Monday, June 27, the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation (HDHF) held its Annual General Meeting with the City of Humboldt. An overview of the 2021 - 22 year, their goals and achievements and what to look forward to in the upcoming year. 

The 2021 - 22 year was successful, stated Lorrie Bunko, Executive Director of the Humboldt and District Hospital Foundation. 

“We had a very successful fundraising year, which allowed us to fund a total of $271,200.00 in equipment for our hospital.”

Some big purchases were made, including 20 Inpatient Beds, an ENT Diagnostic Microscope, Urine Analyzer, and much more. 

The HDHF looks forward to the future and the goals they must hit. 

“We have several items we have to fundraise for this year. We have stretchers, Cell-A-Vision, new technology to our hospital which will reduce Lab results that could take up to four days, bringing it down to within hours.”

Bunko stated that the HDHF still has $70,000 to raise for their Cardiac Equipment Campaign and hopes to hit that goal this year. 

“This year we would like to hit that $300,000 mark. The estimated value today is at $210,000, but we have to think of what else could come up that we were not prepared for.”

Bunko wanted to thank those who have donated to the HDHF over the years. 

“Our health care wouldn’t be what it is today without the people, so thank you.”