The Humboldt Vintage Club has once again set a day aside to showcase how farm operations ran in the past.

Vintage Day gets kicked off Sunday with a pancake breakfast at 8am, a petting zoo, field demonstrations and entertainment to follow.

Treasurer of the Vintage Club, Craig Poncelet encourages everyone to come out.

"It's interesting to see because it's stuff that isn't done anymore and it's part of our heritage. The younger people don't know it, they don't come out and see it they don't know what it used to be like. With this demonstration and this vintage day it gives them a look back in the past and how things were done."

There is a blacksmith shop, various displays, tea at the old house as well as a market garden.

Poncelet adds that's not all.

"We've got out in the field from the very beginning before the threshing machine, demonstrations on how wheat was threshed back then beating it with sticks and stuff like that. Then we go into the threshing machines and show the binders and all the other stuff in the fields."

The Vintage Club is located south of Humboldt on Highway 20.

You can hear more from Poncelet in his interview with Bolt FM's Angie Dukart below.