(with content from Leisl Lefebvre)

The Humboldt Hammerhead Swim Club handed out the hardware in their October 16 awards ceremonies. Hammerheads Leisl Lefebvre thanked swimmers, parents, and all those involved in the efforts of the speed swimming teams over the past year.

Among those receiving recognition were high point female Lauryn MacLean with 190 points, High point male Cohen Gasper with 148, top novice Ridge Beggs, most improved female to Esther Osborne and most improved male to Noah Zimmerman.

The following is the list of this year’s recipients: 

  • Hi Point Female - The award is decided by the number of points generated by each swimmer in the year. 

    • Third place this year goes to Aidra Angelstad with 121 points 

    • Second goes to Abbey McLarty with 154 total points 

    • Hi Point Female award goes to Lauryn MacLean with 190 points. 

  • Hi Point Male - The award is decided by the number of points generated by each swimmer in the year. 

    • Third place goes to Chase Hall with 134 points 

    • Second goes to Cuyler Brooks with 146 points 

    • Hi Point Male award this year goes to Cohen Gasper with 148 points. 

  • Top Novice Award. This goes to the first year competitive swimmer who generated the most points. The had a number of swimmers competing in this category this season, and Lefebvre noted that all of them did a great job getting into the pool and improving their times over the course of the season. 

    • This year’s Top Novice Award goes to Ridge Beggs. 

  • Most Improved - To determine this, the Club took the average improved time from a minimum of 4 races from the Humboldt meet in June to Provincials in July. The swimmer has to have improved their best times in at least 3 events, and judges  take an average of those improvements. 

    • Most Improved Female – 12 & Under Third place goes to Sienna Zimmerman with 6.04 seconds 

    • Second place goes to Avery Michel with an average of 6.21 seconds 

    • Most Improved Female goes to Esther Osborne with an average of 14.37 seconds improved. 

    • Most Improved Male – 12 & Under Third place goes to Aaden Kozar with 2.21 seconds 

    • Second place goes to Cohen Gasper with an average of 2.69 seconds 

    • Most Improved Male goes to Noah Zimmerman with an average of 5.82 seconds improved. 

    • Most Improved Senior - have improved their best times in at least 4 events this year, and we take an average of those improvements. Third place goes to Taylor Possberg with 2.97 seconds 

    • Second place goes to Micaela Roach with 3.28 seconds.

    •  Most Improved Senior goes to Liam Zimmerman with an average improvement of 5.81 seconds this summer. 

  • The Guppy Award goes to the first year swimmer who doesn’t compete. This swimmer is learning the very beginning of movements in the water and the basics of the strokes that we will continue to build on. They may start the year not being comfortable going into the deep end at all, and by the end of the year are jumping in off of the blocks and swimming to the other end. This year’s Guppy Award is presented to Ben Saretsky . 

  • The Most Dedicated Swimmer is the athlete who comes to as many practices as possible, and works hard to improve. This swimmer also has shown the ability to self-assess their strokes, and continues to work to improve the little things. This year’s Most Dedicated Swimmer is Emma Michel. 

  • The Congeniality Award goes to the swimmer who has rapport with everyone, fellow swimmers, coaches and parents. Their positive attitude makes practices and meets more enjoyable for all involved. This swimmer not only has built a unique relationship with the coaches on our team, but with other coaches throughout the province as well. The award went to Taylor Possberg. 

  • The Family Award goes to recognize a family that not only has their swimmers to the pool, but dedicates more than that to the club. The swimmers in this family listen to their coaches, enjoy meets and are fun to be around. The parents volunteer at almost every swim meet in some capacity, and support the whole team at meets. All of the children in the family support the swimmers in our team and have made new friends throughout the swimming community. The Family Award went to the Michel family. 

  • The Coach’s Award goes to the swimmers who may not have been the most improved, or received a high point award, but embody the characteristics that the Club supports in their team. They encourage other swimmers, and try their hardest in every situation. They face their difficulties, and do their best to move ahead. The swimmers this year who have won the coaches awards have embodied the characteristics of hard work, coach ability and sportsmanship. This year’s coaches awards go to: Paisley Hillestad, Brogan Leuke & Rebecca Gabriel 

  • The  Purple Heart award goes to the swimmer showing the most team spirit. Not just wearing purple but cheering on and cheering up the other swimmers on our team. Encouraging everyone to do their best and facing their fears. This year the Purple Heart goes to Aidra Angelstad.