New commercial properties are emerging in the Humboldt and area landscape. The newly opened Discovery Ford Collision Centre provides a state of the art new facility for the company while making its old property available for a new business entry to the region, EECOL Electric, slated to open on July 18. The impressive new Pattison Ag building continues construction on Highway 5 East. 

It’s all part of the increase in commercial construction investment being seen by the province in the last few months. A Government of Saskatchewan release states that Saskatchewan had the highest increase in building construction numbers for May 2022, showing a 6 percent increase over April. This is matched by a 36.1 percent increase in May over the previous year when it comes to manufacturing sales. That’s an important figure when it comes to regional manufacturers like Schulte Industries, Michel Industries, and Doepker Industries. 

"Saskatchewan's economy is moving forward with significant strength as we see continued growth across a range of key economic indicators and more people working in our province than ever before," Trade and Export Development Minster Jeremy Harrison said. "Our Government will continue to focus on growing our economy and ensuring that Saskatchewan is the best place in Canada for businesses and workers to be."

Commercial building construction investment is up 16 percent in a year based on May 2022 numbers, notes the Government. That puts Saskatchewan third provincially based on percentages. The release also touts a 2.5 percent increase in manufacturing sales over April 2022, leading to a total sales value of approximately $2.2 billion in May. The growth indicator is also supported by a jump in merchandise exports of 55 percent in a year. 

Demand is still high for workers in the region and recruiters continue to ramp up efforts. The seasonal adjusted unemployment rate has fallen to 3.9 percent, the lowest point since November 2014 and the second lowest among the provinces.

With the continued construction and robust industrial output, opportunities for workers abound in the Humboldt area.