An open house is being held throughout Thursday afternoon at the Humboldt and District Museum.

They will serve coffee and snacks and there will also be crafts available to those wishing to help decorate the museum's Christmas tree.

Jean Price with the museum talked about who can come to the open house.

"Absolutely anyone who is interested is welcome to come and check it out, especially if you've had anything to do with the museum this year or the gallery this year we'd really really love to see you and just be able to express our thanks a little bit for all of the help we get throughout the year."

The open house begins at 1:30pm and runs until 4:30.

Price said the open house is just another reason to check out the museum, "we like to encourage people to come into our buildings and to give them different reasons to come not everyone is gonna come and see an exhibit that  they don't think is particularly interesting but maybe coming in and spending sometime with friends and coming in and helping decorate the tree would be more appealing to some of the people in town here."

Everyone is invited to drop in at anytime.

To hear Price's full interview with Bolt FM's Angie Dukart click below.