As the Humboldt Music Festival continues to grow, the support of local businesses has widely contributed to each successful year.

On Friday, the festival was the beneficiary of more funding thanks to Bolt FM and Discover Humboldt.

Tanya Schuler, one of the coordinators of the Music Festival says that some of the funds go directly to participants.

"A portion of this funding will go towards scholarships to our students, be it bands or individuals, that they can acquire through their markings at the festival."

Reflecting back on the 2015 festival, which ran from April 20th through May 7th, Schuler was complimentary of the participants they see.

"The past year once again was wonderful, we had over 500 entries," she stated. "It runs for a solid ten days. Everything was good, the adjudicators were wonderful, and again the talent in the area is amazing."

In 2016, the festival will mark it's 79th year, running from April 11 to 28.

To hear more from Schuler in an interview with Bolt FM's Tyler Bieber, click below.