Classes in the Horizon School Division and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools will be shut down on Tuesday, January 16 as Saskatchewan Teachers mark Humboldt as one of the gathering centres for a one-day walkout. The gathering is slated for Civic Park at the corner of Highways 5 and 20 in Humboldt, and in front of Finance Minister and Deputy Premier Donna Harpauer’s office on 9th Street.  

Tuesday morning, STF President Samantha Becotte and Canadian Teachers’ Federation President Heidi Yetman will deliver letters to the Premier and Minister at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. These letters are from teachers and supporters across the province, describing critical issues in the publicly funded education system, and what the government must do to address them. 

Becotte and Yetman are scheduled to hold a news conference on Tuesday at 10:00 am from the foyer at the Legislative Building. 

The province’s teachers voted overwhelmingly for job action following months of failed talks and a conciliation report with few recommendations. Many of the issues revolve primarily around working conditions and classroom size and makeup impacting students.