During the summer and fall months, the City of Humboldt could be easily be considered one of the most scenic cities; along with Humboldt's parks for their cleanlieness and family freindly vibe. Whether you're new to the community or you just haven't explored out side your city block's park. Here are all of Humboldt's community and recrational parks. Be sure to Download the City Humboldt's online Map for futher info.

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A.E Kilcher Park: Corner of 16th & 9th Ave

Bill Brecht Memorial Park: Between Laskin Cresent & Eckner Ave

Carl Schenn Recreational Park: Along 12th Avenue

Glenn Hall Park: Corner of Glenn Hall Drive (8th Ave) & 14th Street

Peace Park: Corner of 13th Ave and Brockman Place

St Elizabeth Community Park: Corner of 12th Ave & 9th

Water Ridge Park (Ron Bell Trail): 1st Street Near the Hbmboldt Golf Course

Wilf Chamney Park: Along 2nd Ave