Humboldt is celebrating Multicultural week and acknowledging the many cultures in and around the area. The City of Humboldt proclaimed November 19 - 27 Multicultural week during its monthly meeting of the City Council.  

In part of the week, The Humboldt Regional Newcomers Centre has been hard at work, handing out various desserts from around the globe. 

“We were fortunate enough to receive some funding from the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, which we are very grateful for. We have shared that throughout our clients, who we have asked to provide some desserts from their country,” explained Janine Hart, director of the Humboldt Regional Newcomer Centre. “We’re selecting quite a number of organizations around the community to go and deliver them to.”

The deserts come with a pamphlet telling you the name of the desert, its history, country of origin, and the ingredients. 

The staff at the Humboldt Regional Newcomers Centre have also celebrated Multicultural week through dance, as they participated in Bhangra dancing. 

“We did an hour and a half of learning Indian traditional dancing; it was so much fun.”

Today, they are taking part in their conversation cafe, allowing more time to connect.

“It's a group that we’ve been doing for a number of years where we meet informally over a cup of coffee and different cookies. This week obviously, there are different cultural desserts, and we just have conversations,” says Hart. “We learn about each other, we meet new friends, and we make connections.”

She says taking part in Multicultural week is as easy as getting to know your neighbours. 

“One thing we are really promoting is a sense of belonging, and when you get to know the people on your block, the history of that person, their stories, it makes you feel like you belong. You belong on that block, you belong in the community, and you belong in the wider city. I think we can just celebrate each other.”