Saskatchewan has launched an Agriculture Ambassador Pilot Program.

The program provides an opportunity for Saskatchewan’s youth to take a leadership role in improving the public perception of agriculture on post-secondary campuses across the province.

Humboldt Collegiate graduate and current University of Regina attendee Mackenzie Mueller is one of the four ambassadors.

"I'm really passionate about sharing my knowledge with other kids on campus because there is a lot of people who should know more about what we do here in Saskatchewan. It's exciting to see other people learn about it with you."

The Ambassadors are expected to work to promote the industry, dispel myths, initiate on-campus awareness efforts and promote agricultural careers.

"It runs from November, so as of this month until March so basically for a good chunk of of the school year," Mueller explained over the phone Monday afternoon from Regina. "As far as what it entails I am not sure on all the details but I know I will be planning events on the campus and other things like that."

The Agriculture Ambassador Pilot Program was launched as part of Agriculture Month 2015. Mueller said she heard about the opportunity from her mother who works with FCC. The Mueller's farm just outside of Humboldt.

"I'm really excited to have this experience, it's really awesome to be able to share things that I am passionate about with other students especially because we don't have an agriculture program at the U of R," Mueller added.

She is currently studying engineering but does expect to find her career in the ag sector upon graduation.

Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart says it's inspiring to see the applicants' dedication to raising agriculture awareness and understanding, adding they had so many qualified applicants that it was difficult to choose the final four.

The Agriculture Ambassador Program is funded through Growing Forward 2, a cost-shared partnership between federal, provincial and territorial governments designed to support an innovative, competitive and profitable Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector.

You can hear more from Mueller below in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork.