The Humboldt Community Soup Kitchen was on the receiving end of a donation from the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce on Friday.

In July, the Chamber called upon the community to assist wildfire evacuees from Northern Saskatchewan by providing items like clothing, bedding, cookware, and other supplies.

Some leftover items already went to the Good Neighbour Store, and more have now been donated to the Soup Kitchen.

"We not only provide food for the body, but we provide food for the soul as well," said Assistant Coordinator of the Soup Kitchen, Linda Jurgens. "Any donations like clothing, bedding, anything like that we take as well to help out the less fortunate."

Formerly with the Humboldt Senior Citizens, the Soup Kitchen has branched off on it's own and continues fundraising efforts.

"We do now have a board of directors, and had our first fundraiser at Streetfest, which we really, really enjoyed. We're having a silent auction coming up on November 14th at the Gathering Place, so that's going to be another fun activity."

Every Thursday evening, the Soup Kitchen hosts a meal for those in need at the Gathering Place, and numbers have risen as of late, with nearly 70 people attending the last meal.

Jurgens believes that the current economic state has played a large role.

"Anybody that's working for minimum wage can't afford the meat that is on the shelves, it's so expensive. Also, seniors that are on a fixed income, that helps them out as well."

Those looking for, or needing help themselves can call Jurgens at 231-0454, or James at 366-4913.

To hear more from Jurgens in an interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork, click below.