The Community Gathering Place in Humboldt was buzzing with excitement over the weekend's performance of "Who Dunit and to Whom...a play within a play in two acts" performed by the Humboldt Theatre Club. The play had four performances, one on Friday, two Saturday, and a wrap up on Sunday. All four shows were well attended.

The play, written by Robert Frankel, follows Henpecked paint salesman Harold Finnegan as he is trying to pound out his third-rate detective story on his typewriter. As he writes, the actions are played out by actors on stage. And as he corrects his writing, the actors are forced to revise their actions. The story was a hilarious spoof on your classic detective style play.

The performances were held at the Humboldt Gathering Place. With around 90 people at each performance, it was a huge success. The talented cast of the theatre club brought the characters to life with their outstanding performances. The audience was left guessing until the very end as to who the writer really was.

After the final curtain call, the cast and crew received a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience. Members of the theatre club expressed their delight at the success of the weekend performances and are looking forward to the November auditions.

The weekend performance of "Who Dunit and to Whom" was a testament to the vibrant theatre scene in Humboldt and the dedication of its community to the arts. The theatre club's next performance is already in the works.