The Humboldt Urban Garden Sanctuary (HUGS) has received a national award from the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association at its 2022 awards ceremony held in Ottawa.  The garden, a tribute to the 2018 Humboldt Broncos, received the Green for Life Community Award. 

HUGS, which opened this spring at the Humboldt District Hospital Grounds, was a project built with the support of numerous agencies including Scotts Canada, Landscape Saskatchewan, Landscape Alberta, Green Cities Foundation Canada and Communities in Bloom. This garden includes hundreds of trees, shrubs, and perennials, along with a large area of turf. Great care was taken to ensure irrigation was available to all plant materials. The carbon sequestration, pollution scrubbing, and windbreaks this garden will provide to residents of the town and hospital patients, staff and guests alike will be realized for generations to come.

Project designer Leslie Cornell, Joel Beaton from Landscape Alberta and Karen Stephenson from Scott’s Canada were all involved in the project. They attended the ceremony. Carol Brons sent messages on behalf of the families, as did Roger Nordick on behalf of the City of Humboldt. Both Brons and Nordick were instrumental in seeing the project to its completion.