One step leads to an additional 142 in order to reach the most scenic view of the City of Humboldt.

Of course, that is the path to the top of Humboldt's Water Tower, which was built in 1915.

On Sunday, the Water Tower Committee showcased the building to the public as they celebrated it's 100th year of existence.

Throughout the five hour event, entertainment from the Little German Band was on display, with various kids activities, and of course - everyone's favourite delicacy - cake.

Few buildings last the test of time, and the water tower is certainly one of those. Just three other buildings of it's kind still stand as of today in Saskatchewan.

Not only is it recognized provincially, but also across Canada, as part of the Heritage Canada Foundation Landmark Preservation Program.

Part of the preparations for the water tower was to make it ready for primetime for the 100th year, which including the painting of the outside.

The tower has long been known for it's unique 'lighthouse' look as well.