Winners at the Humboldt Wildlife Federation’s Annual Awards Night took home the hardware as the members heard about the many activities the organization engaged in. 

The Humboldt Wildlife Federation has another busy year, outlined President Scott Ewen. In addition to the ongoing improvements to the clubhouse south of Humboldt on Highway 20, the club worked with other organizations on the maintenance of the Humboldt walking trail that heads out of the southwest corner of the city. 

Among the many accomplishments of the past year, Ewen noted, was the successful Youth Engagement Day in June. The HWF has made a commitment to see the event happen on the first week of June this year and every subsequent year. Youth were instructed in firing rifles and handguns, and the slingshot station proved to be a popular stop.  

One of the major pushes for the HWF this year was the presentation to its region, and subsequently and subsequently to the provincial organization, was a resolution to see changes to big game recovery using leashed tracking dogs. A coordinated effort has been ongoing by some regions to see regulations change to allow the use of trained and leashed tracking dogs for recovering game wounded during the hunt.  

The tracking measure would be particularly effective in early fall or light snow seasons when tracking is difficult. The measure is designed to see that the game is recovered, and that quarry is not left with undue suffering.  

The resolution passed with the required two-thirds vote at the annual Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation meeting. Now, a letter will be sent from the SWF to the Ministry of Environment encouraging the Ministry to work with the organization to adapt practices so dogs can be used.  

Ewen says the intent will be for areas to have known trainers and dogs that can be authorized by Conservation Officers for use in leashed tracking.  


Winners for this year included: 

Typical Mule Deer (Adult Male) 

  • First place – Colin Pratt (176.00) 

  • Second place – Scott Ewen (168.25) 

Typical Mule Deer (Adult Female) 

  • First place – Nicole Stelzer (115.12) 

Non-Typical Mule Deer (Adult Male) 

  • First place - George Ewen (172.38) 

Typical Elk (Adult Male) 

  • First place – Shaun Gruetuer (245.75) 

  • Second place – Derek Tarnowski (162.12) 

Typical White Tail Deer (Adult Male)  

  • First place – Josh Ewen (154.12) 

  • Second place – Mark Schick (140.88) 

Typical White Tail Deer (Youth Male) 

  • First place – Liam Pratt (60.50) 

Moose (Adult male) 

  • First place – Reg Danyluik (82.00) 

Pronghorn Antelope (Adult Male) 

  • First place – Levi Richels (71.75) 

  • Second place – Justin Zelle (67.50) 

This year’s major awards went to: 

  • Rod Earis Master Angler – Cherkewich family 

  • Faye Folden Memorial – Colin Pratt 

  • Bobby Kopp Hunter of the Year – Justin Ortman 

  • Humboldt Wildlife Federation Archery – Liam Pratt