In June, members of the First Westminster Scout Troop had an exciting opportunity to try their hands at firing weapons on the redesigned Humboldt Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation range. A variety of firearms were available to try, and under the safe and careful guidance of trained supervisors, students learned to properly handle and fire them. 

Among the favourites that day was the slingshot target range. Scouts and parents lined up to have a go at firing their slingshots at clay targets in front of a safe backdrop. Now thanks to a donation by the Humboldt Branch of the Wildlife Federation, troop members will have access to their own “portable range.” 

Federation members Scott Ewen and Rob Lummerding met with Scout Leaders Lorna Strome and Elan Buan to pass on a repurposed frame and backdrop to give the Scouts the equipment including the frame, the backdrop, and a number of clay targets for their use. 

“This was some old equipment that was at the range,” said Chapter President Scott Ewen. “So it’s been repurposed. This came about at our first ever Youth Engagement Day on June 3, which we’ll be holding as an annual event. We had a great time. Rob was working the slingshot station and the kid’s loved it, so he decided we could repurpose on of our frames and donate it.” 

The lightweight frame is easy to breakdown transport, and Scout Leader Lorna Frome says it will get put to good use right away. The plan is to unveil the frame at their first campout of the year, scheduled for Friday, September 15. 

“The kids are really going to enjoy this because they’ve been talking about whether they could do slingshots again, but they don’t know this is coming, so it’s going to be a surprise.” 

The apparatus provides a safe way for kids to hone their accuracy safely, says Rob Lummerding. 

“We put foam behind the rebar frame to protect from ricochets. We used a heavy-duty tarp and provided the clay pigeons, so they’ve got plenty of practice time ahead of them.” 

The mandate for greater community outreach by the local Wildlife Federation Chapter has found a welcome partner with the First Westminster Scout Troop from Humboldt.  

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