Humboldt is home to the latest big winner with Western Canada Lotteries Corporation. Jennifer Fafard of Humboldt hit the grand prize jackpot on Vault Breaker netting her an incredible $660, 501.01. It was an unbelievable moment, said Fafard in a WCLC release. 

“I was in shock, in disbelief,” she said at the prize presentation. “There was a lot of screaming, jumping, and crying!”

With well over half a million dollars to play with, Fafard has priorities. She dreams of taking a special trip, but is focused on her family. 

“I’d like to help my kids go through university, I want to give them a good start.”

Vault breaker links a network of around 4,200 VLT’s in the province, the Pioneer’s being among them. The progressive jackpot pays out a provincial prize of a minimum $500,000.