With the weather warming up, and snow begins to melt, Humboldt’s Protective Services wanted to help residents reduce the risk of a snowmelt flood. 

A couple of tips Humboldt’s Protective Services gave was:

  • Remove snow from around the foundation of your house, and pay attention to the areas around window wells. 
  • Remove snow along the outside edge to allow drainage. 
  • Keep snow within your yard, shovelling onto streets could block drainage. 
  • Clear snow and ice around downspouts, it is recommended to extend downspouts at least two meters so water drains away from the foundation. 
  • Check roof and eavestroughs for excess snow and ice damming. 
  • Consider using sandbags to block water from entering low-lying areas beside the foundation. 
  • Make sure the sump pump is functioning properly. 
  • If water is getting close to the foundation, use an appropriate pump to drain it to the gutter or back lane.