The job application process is changing for the Horizon School Division.

An online portfolio can now be created to apply for a job or several jobs within the HZD.

Randy MacLEAN, HZD Deputy Director explained the benefits of accepting job applications online.

"This new online process is actually directly plugged in to our social media presence so anything that's now posted in terms of opportunity automatically gets sent to our Twitter feed, from our Twitter feed to our Facebook page, also simultaneously sent to our linked in page."

Perspective employees and already existing staff can now access the new system at

MacLEAN said now multiple jobs can be applied for more easily by creating a profile, "the profile stays for perpetuity until someone deletes it for a lack of a better term. Someone can go back in another job posted and the presence of my profile is already there, at the click one button they have now applied for a second job, or there's three or four different jobs they are interested in at three or four different schools, three click and they have applied for three jpbs."

Paper submissions will no longer be accepted by the division.

To hear more from MacLEAN in his full interview with Bolt FM's Ronald Quaroni click below.