Whats up....

AP here. How's it going??


For those of you who don't know:

According to Wikipedia, a missed connection is 

A missed connection is an occurrence where two or more people are unable to exchange contact information or the information that is exchanged is lost. These missed connections are generally associated with romance, but they may also be business-related or otherwise. Through the use of publications and websites some people seek to reconnect with their missed connection.

According to AP, a missed connection is where someone sees someone else out and about, going about their life, and thinks this person is attractive, doesn't have the courage/time/etc  to talk to them, and then tries to contact them via internet. 

But that isn't necessarily a bad thing....

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I wanna know...what is the success rate of this?? Do people actually establish relationships from these things?

And most importantly...why the heck does no one ever make me a missed connection?? I mean really...why should I even brush my hair, if no one is going to go on to kijiji and write me a creepy message.

Below are some of my favorite missed connections from kijiji.ca

 -I saw you last week in soccer in campus rec in U of S u played for my team also!! I don`t know whether you will check this ad...... I hope u do I love your smile and wanted to talk but u left soon....... I would love to go for a coffee or drink with you sometime.

 -This may be a long shot, but I had to see if this works lol Im the guy that had a chat with you on the way to your car!! if you see this and would be up for a coffee some time hit me up!! and when you reply let me know what we were chatting about and then i will know it,s you lol good luck to everyone looking for other people and hope this thing realy works lol ttyl :)

 -monday jan 16th around 6:20 or maybe later. I was on my way to westside walmart. Looked as though you were heading out of town. You were totally into your music, singing along and dancing your shoulders etc. I watched you for at least 10 seconds before you noticed I was there in the truck beside you. Haha I thought it was cute and funny (in a good way). At first I didn't want you to see that I saw so I looked away but then I thought if you saw me seeing, we could almost in a way have a funny moment together evening knowing we spoke no words and don't know each other.haha I'm sorry you were embarassed, I'd be too. But don't be, you looked like you were having a good time singing along! Ah anyways, have a nice day.



 With over 7 billion people on this planet, it is nice to have someone validate your existence...appreciates the effort you put into your appearance today.


But it's also a little unnerving to know that a stranger was creepily peering at you while you checked your mail.

Either way...courting each other just got a whole lot easier.

Maybe your soul mate is just a missed connection away.