The Grinch is making his long awaited return to the Elizabeth. Our nasty green Christmas compatriot was a big hit several years ago. After retreating to his mountain lair for a couple years, he’s headed back to “WhoVille” (AKA Humboldt) for a seasonal appearance. 

The visitation is sponsored by Northland Recreation Supply of Muenster, and manager Meegan Wozniczka is delighted to bring back his anti-social antics. The event goes at the Elizabeth on December 11 from 1:30 - 3:30 pm in the Rosewood Room. 

“We’ll have some sweets and treats on hand,” says Wozniczka. “And we’ll have Grinch stuff on hand to keep the Grinch at bay while the kids are getting ready for Christmas. There might also be a special little guest on that day.”

Meegan is keeping quiet about the special guest, but you can be sure it’s an added welcome treat. All kids are welcome to visit with their wishlists regardless of where they sit on a certain Jolly Red Elf’s Naughty or Nice List. 

“I think we’ll have the not so nice kids and the excellent kids, along with grandmas, aunts, uncles, and everyone,” she hopes. “I know that the residents at the Elizabeth love all the company and seeing all the kids.”

The Grinch visit also serves as the drop off point for the Humboldt Kinettes Christmas Cheer Toy Drive this year. All donations of new toys are welcomed. The online application for the Kinettes Christmas Cheer Program is available now through the Humboldt and District Kinettes Facebook page.