Humboldt and area residents have a chance to participate in the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women national fundraiser coming up this June. The run supports women’s mental health initiatives through various organizations. The proceeds of the run, generated through registrations, runner sponsorships and donations, are kept local in the areas where runs are held, says Shoppers Drug Mart staff pharmacist Shelby McGillivray.

“Last year northern Saskatchewan raised about $90 thousand for our area for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and this year, we have a goal of $120 thousand. The last two years, the run had been virtual, and this year we’ll finally be holding an in-person run.”

The Humboldt Run is affiliated with a larger one being held in Saskatoon. The Humboldt Run is slated to go on June 18 during the Summer Sizzler. Proceeds will head to the Saskatoon office of the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

The Humboldt Shoppers Drug Mart team is running under the “Saskatoon Sassy Sisters” banner. Runners are welcome to register with the team for a $50 fee which will also go to the fundraising. The group also accepts donations, and a silent auction is currently on at the Humboldt Shoppers Drug Mart. 

The Humboldt Run on June 18 begins at 8:30 from Shoppers Drug Mart on Main Street in Humboldt. 

“We’ll start the walk at about 9:00 am,” explains McGillivray. “We’re going to be using the walking trail, and we’ll have markers posted off for a 1K, 5K, and 10 K. After the run is complete we will also be hosting a barbecue around 11:00 am, just outside of Shoppers Drug Mart.”

The barbecue is open to everyone, again the funds going to the donation to CMHA. 

“It’s just a really great fundraiser to come out and support women’s mental health, especially over the last couple of years with COVID. It’s played a huge role in the number of people seeking help. We’re just trying to show any support we can.”

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