Parents of dancers, or perhaps parents who like to dance have a new option in the City of Humboldt.

Wednesday, Kylie Redl-Gosselin and Terralea Armstrong held the grand opening ceremony of Impact Dance Company.

Armstrong says they are happy to continue from the legacy of Jacquie's Dance Academy.

"It started years ago back when I started training with Jacquie," she explains. "Now being a little bit older taking over and making our dreams come true and just from dancing ourselves as kids and then teaching when we were young teenagers and then teaching for Jacquie now into our own."

Redl-Gosselin added this day wouldn't be possible with the support from the community.

"We feel so much love from the students, from the parents, we led up to this by doing our Summer school so the kids have known about this for a few days. Just the opportunity to say thank you to all the kids and parents for their support, that's why we're here."

At their studio they take kids as young as 18 months up to adults covering a wide variety of genres such as tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and acro.

Armstrong says Humboldt is ready for another dance option.

"We think this is perfect for Humboldt, I think humboldt is only growing and we're getting more and more young families with young children. I think it will be really good, it's another space and we have lots of room for lots of kids."

Between 12-7pm Thursday they are holding their in-house registration, for more information call them at 682-5670.

You can hear more from both Redl-Gosselin and Armstrong below in their interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.