In an conversation marking International Women's Day, Sarah Miller of 107.5 Bolt FM sat down with Jodi Smith, a long-standing employee of RBC and a beacon of inspiration for many women balancing the demanding roles of motherhood and professional life. Smith's journey, marked by 27 years of dedication to RBC, reflects a changing landscape in the professional world, where the barriers of gender bias and discrimination are progressively being dismantled.

Smith, a devoted wife and mother of two daughters, has navigated the complexities of being a full-time working mom with grace and determination. Her career at RBC, characterized by significant networking opportunities and community involvement, showcases the evolving corporate table toward diversity and inclusion. "I've been blessed to work for an organization where diversity and inclusion are key cornerstones," Smith shared, highlighting the supportive environment that has facilitated her growth.

The conversation delved into the shifting dynamics of leadership roles within organizations, where traditionally male-dominated spaces have seen an increase in female representation. Smith recounted her experiences around the leadership table, witnessing a noticeable transition towards gender balance over the years. "It started off being mostly men...and then over a short period of time, it really started to switch," she noted, reflecting on the progressive changes that align with the ideals of International Women's Day. Smith also recognized the women who have been mentors to her, "having strong, women mentors around me also contributed to my success and confidence to tackle any career roadblocks. I love when I can pay it forward and mentor the next generation of women."

This year's theme for International Women's Day, "Imagining a Gender Equal World Free of Bias, Stereotypes, and Discrimination," resonates strongly with Smith's vision of a world where individual strengths and capabilities are the primary criteria for assessment, irrespective of gender. "It's so encouraging to see the shifts in society," she stated, underscoring the importance of advocating for and supporting diversity across all spectrums.

As the interview concluded, Smith shared a poignant quote that encapsulates the essence of International Women's Day: "Here's to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them." This sentiment, echoing through the corridors of workplaces and homes alike, serves as a powerful reminder of the progress made and the journey ahead towards achieving gender equality.

International Women's Day not only celebrates the achievements and resilience of women like Jodi Smith but also serves as a call to action to continue fostering an inclusive world where everyone can thrive, free from the constraints of bias and discrimination.