Job seekers found a dozen local businesses and industries, along with training facilities and support agencies awaiting them at the Uniplex on Saturday. The second job fair hosted by the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce welcomed those new to the area seeking employment and those who were looking to shift career gears. The spring job fair was held at St. Peter’s College in Muenster.

Major players such as BHP and Graham Construction were there, looking to bolster their work forces specifically around the Janzen Mine Project. Athabasca Basin Mine Security was also seeking personnel for its mining services in the province, specifically those with medical response training.

For local manufacturing interests Schulte Industries and Doepker Industries, it was a matter of enticing welders, painters and finishers to work on their existing and expanding lines of products. A representative from Doepker Industries noted that a realignment of processes with its manufacturing plant in Saskatoon meant it had a particular interest in finishing workers. 

Representatives from SaskJobs helped attendees with best practices on preparing resumes and getting set for interviews. The government affiliated agency said that coming through the Covid period meant that it had to adapt its service to online. Now, with shifting patterns of employment, the agency has remained busy with high volumes of clients migrating to new workplaces and sourcing new opportunities.

tree painting

For those who were seeking retraining, some through government skills retraining grants, Carlton Trail College highlighted its numerous technician, industrial and professional programs located at its campuses throughout the region.

At the same time, as a relaxation option after the seriousness of job hunting, the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery provided all the goodies for some seasonal merriment. Their wooden ornament paint party attracted budding artists to grab a pair of charming carved ornaments and adorn them, taking one and leaving one as a donation for the upcoming Festival of Wreaths.