Perry Juttla has been around politics since he was a teenager when his father ran for office, he is now running for a second time and the first time federally.

Juttla is the Liberal candidate for the Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan constituency.

When asked about the economy, two glaring statistics stand out to him.

"The average 35 year-old puts away about half as much as the previous generation did, I think that is really concerning"

"Did you know that youth unemployment between the ages of 18-24 is three times that of those seeking employment over 25?" Juttla continued. "The Liberals have some really great potential solutions."

He also stated that seniors deserve better in our province and nation.

"They are stealing money from seniors, we're lucky to even have what we have because our seniors are the people who sacrificed so much for us and now things are happening like old age security, the guaranteed income supplement is going up from 65 to 67, how is that ethical, how is that right."

Perry attended the University of Regina, where he earned two Bachelors of Arts degrees, one in Economics and one in Political Science. The small business owner failed to win the 2003 provincial election when he ran for the Liberals in the Regina Walsh Acres.

'I'm not an expert in everything, I think that's what being an elected official is. It's important to be accessible, it's important to take criticism, not take any of that stuff heart and understand that's how you grow."

"Not everything is going to be peachy all the time and I'm willing to take that."

He is running against longtime MP Tom Lukiwski, New Democrat Dustin Hlady, the Green's Shawn Setyo and Robert Thomas of the Rhinoceros Party.