The Lake Lenore Lions Club’s annual Fishing Derby took place on January 20 and was met with great success. 

The total fish caught and weighed after the derby totalled up to 37 fish. 

First place went to Dylan Senko after catching a 4.92 lb fish. Senko won the first place 50% payout totalling $7,366.68

Second place went to Trent Lalkowski, who caught a 4.86 lbs fish and won the 25% payout of $3,683.34. 

Mitch Lins came in third place with a 15% payout of $2,210 after reeling in a 4.57 lbs fish. 

Devin Pratt caught a 4.46 lbs fish and won the fourth place prize of a 10% payout equalling $1,473.34

The largest walleye went to Dylan Senko, netting him an additional $500. 

Many showed up for the event, with everybody looking forward to next year's fish derby.