Lanigan Mayor Tony Mycock has issued a statement on behalf of Town Council in response to staff changes occurring with the town’s administration. 

Following an expression of citizen concern that the town’s administrator had allegedly been terminated, questions arose about the circumstances and whether the remainder of the employment contract salary would need to be paid out. One expression of concern noted that Town Council had been asked to facilitate a meeting to further clarify the situation, which apparently included other staff turnover.  

The following release was signed by Mycock on behalf of the Council. 

“Town of Lanigan is issuing this press release to inform the public that the municipal office is currently experiencing a number of staff changes. The Town is committed to providing the community with prompt and reliable service during this transition period, however, we appreciate patience and understanding from the community in the event of delay. We also understand the public's interest in staying informed about the Town's activities and staffing. However, maintaining the confidentiality of employees, both current and former, is a priority and the Town is committed to complying with our legal and ethical obligations. The Town of Lanigan is actively addressing the situation with our internal team. We understand that the Town of Lanigan is accountable to the public and we value the trust placed in us as we navigate these changes. The Town will Provide the public with further updates as we are able.” 

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