The community of Lake Lenore showed an overwhelming response to the opening of Scout and Magpie and Ora on Saturday. The launch of the business collective and the second hand thrift shop drew crowds from the opening of the doors at 10 am to near closing time at 4:30.  

Scout and Magpie openingCandice Bauer (l - Scout and Magpie) and Brie Foy, village of Lake Lenore

Parents and visitors wandered by the former credit union, home of the new enterprises, to browse and buy from the merchant collective. A lineup for Scout and Magpie started before the doors opened, and by the end of the day, much of the merchandise stockpile had found a new home, and the space is ready for refilling. 

An assortment of pop-up vendors, representing half a dozen regional businesses, were invited and all did well at the opening. Visitors were reported from St. Brieux, Humboldt, Melfort, Naicam and Annaheim, along with other centres, were on hand. The lunchtime offerings were popular, and everyone was impressed with the layout of the repurposed financial institution. 

Ora business proprietorsOra business proprietors

To drop off items at Scout and Magpie, the thrift store, bring those gently used clothes, furnishings, or household items to the space on Fridays, downtown Lake Lenore. Revenues from Scout and Magpie go back to Lake Lenore and District programs and organizations.  

  • Photos courtesy of Chad Roberge