The parking lot outside the Humboldt Legion is relatively quiet this week, but on Saturday it’ll be bumping with action and commerce and the Legion hosts its first ever Tailgate Sale. For $20, entrepreneurs can book a spot, load up the trunk or truck bed, and head to the Legion on Saturday where bargain hunters will be at the ready. 

“This was just something a few of us were talking about at the Legion,” says volunteer Laureen King. “We had a few items at the Legion that we wanted to put in a garage sale type event, and that led to the Tailgate Sale.” 

People who want to sell will need to contact Laureen to book a limited availability spot on the lot. She says there are still spots available, but they all will go.  

For both the vendors and the bargain hunters, smokies on a bun will be available throughout the day. Once the sales pitches are done outside, patrons are welcome to head inside for the Chase the Ace event following with the pot at around $9000.  

The proceeds from the parking stalls and the smokie sale all go to the Legion for its operations while vendors get to pocket the profits from their goodies.  

Head on out this Saturday for the sale of the century from 9 am to 3 pm with the Tailgate Sale at the Humboldt Legion Hall. To book a spot, contact Laureen at (306) 231-7293 or email