Listen to Dis’ is Canada’s only music and theatrical performance group with participants from the disabled community seeking to foster dialogue and understanding of the world from a unique perspective.  

The group is coming to Humboldt on Monday, April 29 for a performance at the Uniplex.  

Tracy Foster is executive artistic director and founder of the non-profit performing group.  

“We aim to equip and enable people that live with disability or without disability to participate in art in a barrier free way,” Foster explains. “That’s participating for the health of it, for recreation or participate as emerging or professional career artists.” 

The main thrust of the group is performing arts, says Foster, an endeavour that started out with a professional theatre company. A music ensemble emerged out of that initial effort. 

“Now it’s a mixture of music and a little bit of theatre, like a storyteller within the musical performance as it’s being presented.” 

A key to the success of the performances has been the audience interaction and participation in a dialogue around what audience members have experienced both at the show and in the context of their own lives. It’s a high-quality show that has been likened to a Broadway styled concert. 

“The story is a little bit about what it’s like to live in the contemporary world of disability, but it’s really relatable to anybody who feels underrepresented or marginalized. Most of all, there’s music arranged by two of our members. The music is largely soft rock or pop covers, with the exception of an original. There’s a little lean into the 60s and 70s. You’ll see fantastic live music with talented musicians and vocalists performing it.” 

That’s connected with a narrative that may not be all that familiar to audience members, Foster maintains. It’s still a new concept in theatres.  

The show is a presentation by Prairie Central District for Sport, Culture and Recreation. It’s part of a tour that hits various Saskatchewan communities. The show, entitled “Bits & Pieces of Dis’ & Dat,” happens at the Humboldt Uniplex on Monday, April 29 at 7 pm.