A “Breakfast Club” quartet is consigned to a terrible fate in the HCI production, The Idi-Odyssey. They’ve been sentenced to remedial help in classic literature for their poor test performance with Homer’s Greek classic, The Odyssey. That’s the premise for the witty and dialogue-rich show that went last Friday and Saturday. 

The jock, the math nerd, the cheerleader and the eco-activist are all mysteriously dragged into a surreal world of gods, myths and monsters by a mysterious antiquities professor. The group learns of Greek hero Odysseus’ trials in returning home after the Trojan War. Characters are all insistent on pronunciation and spelling of their names as they recount the tale and guide the hapless students through the arduous 10-year long trek. 

Of course, the accuracy of the original is tested by a bunch of salad-munching lettuce (AKA lotus) eaters, a simpering version of Odysseus’ son Telemachus, and a pantheon of gods barely able to keep their own affairs in order, let alone their mortal charges. 

Through the mayhem, the students come to understand the epic tale and the importance of classic literature in their lives. 

Excellent set design, direction, and technical support all came together for a delightful, and educational, performance. Hats off to the cast and crew.


Clay  - Justin Virtue

Edgar - Brogan Lueke

Lenore - Carissa Lukan

Kristen - Tyra Klitch

Dr. Hamilton - Candice Mangiwet

Mrs. Ferguson - Florence Bempong

Odysseus - Isaiah Zimmerman

Athena - Erin Cline

Penelope and Hermes - Danica Leonard

Telemachus - Jakson Parish

Antinous - Cuyler Brooks

Eurymachus - Joshua Mendoza

Zeus - Ryan Syroteuk

Poseidon - Prisha Nain

Phaeacian King/Eurycleia - Rachel Engele

Circe Hannah Forster

Tiresias - Joseph Meijer

Lettuce Eater 1 - Aidra Anglestad

Lettuce Eater 2/Homer -  Alex Grocholski

Lettuce Eater 3 - Chloe Enoy

Crew Member 1 - Astro Pascal

Crew Member 2 - Kendall Hinz