Jeff Burton the mastermind behind the Adventures of Auroraman series, shared exciting details about the upcoming debut of issue #12, collaborations with fellow creators, and upcoming comic book events.

"This week we debut issue #12 in the Adventures of Auroraman series, which is another collection of four all-new stories featuring Auroraman. Our headlining story debuts a new character and I team up with another Saskatchewan writer, Brayden Martens, to debut his character Dark Light."

Working with Martens, Burton had the opportunity to work with his artist from Scotland, Chris Simmonds.

 "Chris Simmons is his artist out of Scotland, so that's exciting. And then one of my regular artists, Shiro Gauthier did the coloring for it in a retro style so it's a real throwback kind of look and feel to it."

Issue #12 also features a story by Burton's daughter, Kyrra, who previously wrote a story in issue #9.

Burton being a teacher had a piece of advice for anyone wanting to get into the creative process of comics as a writer, illustrator etc. 

"My advice is to just get in there and do it. Write down your ideas, doodle your thoughts, whatever it takes to kind of get that stuff down and out of your head and into something tangible."

Free Comic Book Day is coming up this Saturday and Burton will be in Saskatoon at Amazing Stories.

"This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, which is a great day to come out and get some cool comic book stuff. I'll be there with Brayden and Kyrra, and we'll be debuting issue #12."

Also coming up is the annual Humboldt Comic Con.

"On Saturday, June 29th, we have the return of Humboldt Comic Con, now rebranded as Bolt Con. We've got vendors, and creators from all around the province planning to come, and we have two different organizations that are doing charity cosplay booths."

If you're a fan of the comic, then you don't want to miss these two events.