Prairieland Park was the site of a knockdown, drag out competition on Thursday, February 1 to proclaim the King of Kovbasa. This year, a local contender in the Ukrainian sausage showdown returned in the guise of Calvin Lukan from Modern Meats in Humboldt.  

The charity event is hosted by the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Saskatoon backed by a wide range of sponsors. This year, dollars from the event were bound for Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School in Saskatoon, a one-of-a-kind school offering programming in both English and Ukrainian languages.  It’s a competition from across the province,” Lukan says. “Suppliers send in about 30 pounds of their premier sausage. People vote on different categories: the appearance of the sausage, the texture, and of course, the flavour. Then basically you pick your favourite out of all those combined.” 

Lukan entered his specialty ham garlic sausage, available at his Main Street location in Humboldt.  

“I keep tweaking it a little bit each year, just to change up and keep near the top of the selection.” 

King of the Kovbasa or not, Calvin’s sausage and other products are local favourites, creating a true taste sensation for all his patrons.