A farmer would be forgiven for feeling frustrated by Old Man Winter’s fingers still grasping Saskatchewan fields.

However, Annaheim and Lake Lenore grain and oilseed farmer Chris Braun isn’t panicking just yet.

“If I got frustrated everytime the weather didn't’ go my way, I’d be pretty frustrated all the time,” he told Bolt FM.

While the snow has buried his equipment, making it hard to get ready for seeding, he points out that no one has ever lost a crop in April.

“If we didn’t get any warm weather melting and it becomes May 1, then plans might change. But for now, everything is steady as she goes. Mother nature always gives us spring, so I’m not too worried yet.”

Curtis Bershied, who farms near Lake Lenore and Marysburg, said that in a normal year the snow would be well on its way out.

If the cold weather continues he might have to look at a different crop rotation, or planting crops with a shorter growing season since he won’t have as many days to work with.

In any case, he expects a lot of long days ahead to make up for lost time.

“You just take it as it comes. You can’t win playing with Mother Nature, you just take what it’s giving you.”