Two charitable organizations were the beneficiaries of a pair of generous donations made on behalf of the Humboldt Chapter of the Superannuated Teacher of Saskatchewan. The Humboldt District Hospital Foundation and the McDowell Foundation each received a check for $3,000 from the retired teachers group.

Local Chapter STS member Cecile Buehler explains how the contributions came about. 

“The local chapter receives funding from the provincial organization every year. During COVID, we did not use any of that funding for activities. We were left with having a lot of money on hand. As an organization we are not into it for making money, so we found a way to use the money in a fashion that would be valuable for the community.”

Buehler says the initial plan was to see the entire sum go to the McDowell Foundation. That foundation provides funds in the form of grants in the field of education to foster research and study that will benefit teachers and educators in a wide variety of areas, including instruction, management, and curriculum development. The Foundation operates with the support and resources of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. The donation was made at the AGM of the STS in honour of its 50th anniversary. 

It was important to the group to see some of the available funding go to a local charitable organization, says Buehler. It was an easy choice to direct funds to the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation. 

hosptial foundation donation

“The Hospital Foundation has the money go to a local place that we feel we are all going to be in a position to use the facilities eventually,” says Buehler. She says both organizations were delighted with what was considered a significant donation.

The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan was set up in 1973 to support retired teachers in accessing benefits and to remain active and engaged with the teaching profession. The local chapter, which has been in operation almost as long,  provides both a connection with the provincial office and a connection among the local participants with a social and professional outlook.